Powerful Storytelling Plus 1:1 Coaching 9/26

Instructed by Reci Schmellicik and Amy Furber

Length: 4 hours

Skill Level: All Levels

Workshop Description

Powerful Storytelling™ will give you the communication skills you need to move people, and the business forward.

What am I going to get from this Workshop?

- Adopt the mindset necessary for authentic, powerful storytelling
- Understand why we tell, and love listening to stories
- Recognize the differences between business and personal stories
- Craft a cohesive, compelling story using our 4-Step Storytelling Framework
- Drive a change in perspective by tapping into underlying values and emotions
- Employ stories to persuade and move people to action

About the Instructors

Profile Picture
Reci Schmellicik
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Amy Furber
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